Here, our pediatric dentist and myofunctional therapist offer your child not only a better quality of life but a healthy start to their development. Lip- or tongue-ties can sometimes inhibit nutrition, speech, and even airway development and sleep. Dr. Austin McMurphy offers frenectomies in Biloxi, and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to help release these inhibitions and give your child their best chance at growth. Contact us today at Gulf Coast Tongue Tie & Airway Development to schedule your visit to learn more.
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A frenectomy is a straightforward procedure involving the surgical removal or modification of the frenum, a small piece of tissue in the mouth. We use precise laser dentistry to release tension from the frenulum, allowing for improved mobility of the affected area and alleviating associated issues.

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Hear What Our Patients Have to Say

10/10 highly recommend BOTH doctors. My son had his tongue tie release at 4yrs old and I tell you the staff and doctor made him and me( who has severe anxiety when it comes to the dentist) feel so comfortable and explained everything. Will definitely be using for all of my kids.

Sandra R.

Dr. Austin and his staff are always beyond wonderful. My son has always been nervous to visit the dentist, however he absolutely loves everyone here. I can’t say enough great things about them!

Caitlin R.

Austin has been taking care of my grandson's teeth for years. Great service and great staff! Highly recommend!

Chris A.

Staff is the absolute warmest. My kids had such a positive experience. The entire staff is the greatest. Thank you!

Luz M.

My sister in law recommended me to Dr. Austin McMurphy and I'm glad she did. It was my son’s first time being at this dental office. Everyone was very friendly. I love that Dr. McMurphy was very thorough and explained all the details.

Tina L.

Dr. McMurphy is absolutely amazing my kids! Even puts my little one with anxiety about going to the dentist at ease! All of the office staff are wonderful and helpful! Thank you for taking care of my babies

Tara B.

Developing the Best Possible Airway as Early as Possible

Lip- and tongue-ties can significantly impact a child's oral and facial development by restricting the natural movement of the mouth, leading to compensatory behaviors that alter the way a child swallows and breathes. Over time, these adaptations can influence the growth patterns of the jaw and facial bones, potentially leading to a narrowed airway and breathing difficulties, including obstructive sleep apnea. Let us ensure your child's healthy oral development.

How Frenectomies Help with Lactation and Speech

In infants, a tight frenum—the fold of tissue that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth and your lips to your gums—can hinder breastfeeding and eventually speech. By removing this barrier, a frenectomy enables a more effective and comfortable breastfeeding experience, ensuring sufficient nutrition. As children grow, a tight frenum can impact speech development, making it challenging to pronounce certain sounds clearly. Correcting this through a frenectomy can significantly enhance speech clarity and confidence, facilitating smoother communication. This dual impact on lactation and speech underscores the frenectomy's role in supporting essential early life functions.

Waterlase & BIOLASE Lasers

At our practice, we employ state-of-the-art technology such as Waterlase and BIOLASE lasers for frenectomies. These advanced tools offer precision and efficiency, minimizing discomfort and promoting faster recovery. With their gentle yet effective approach, we ensure optimal outcomes for infants undergoing this essential procedure, prioritizing their well-being.

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